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Behavioral Health Billing Services Uniquely Designed for Mental Health Specialists by Mental Health Specialists

Primary and Secondary Claims

Before sent to the insurance company, every claim will be audited on a daily basis in order to certify that the claim will not be denied because of a clerical error.  We will work with any digital claims system that you are currently using, and if you are using paper claims, we will set up a digital claims system for you at no charge.  If you so request, pre-authorizations will also be sent to insurance companies.

Denied Claims Appeals

We will examine all claims denials, and appeal them the same day they are processed.  We will collect any outstanding balances that you are owed–faster than anyone else.

Daily EOBs

Within 24 hours after your office scans EOBs, all insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments will be posted to the patient ledgers accurately and timely.  Your office manager will have constant access to communication every step of the way with our team of billing managers via email and phone to resolve any issues that may arise.

Procedure Verification

We will batch procedures unattached to insurance claims on a daily basis, and we will also take great care to keep this issue to a minimum.

Accounts Receivable

Insurance balances that are overdue past 30 days will be followed up on weekly.  You will also be provided with a daily email summary of how many of the claims were worked on that day, and optionally a comprehensive list of who at the insurance companies we are in contact with.

Insurance Aging Reports

We will work tirelessly at your insurance aging reports and provide you with summaries daily that monitor your account receivable balance, how many overdue claims are appealed, and how much money is collected that day.  Every month we will also provide a detailed analysis of your insurance aging report.

Incomplete Patient Information

Many claims are denied due to incomplete or missing information.  Our team will examine each patient’s files for errors so that you get your payments immediately.  All errors will be included in your daily email summary in order to maximize your collection process.

Accountability Reports

We will email your management team a summary of our insurance collection work every day, including any issues arising that may slow down efforts.  You will also receive a detailed monthly report of our progress Behavioral Health Billing Services.

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