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Key Reasons Why Mental Health Professionals Should Use An Insurance Billing Service

More people throughout the world are becoming aware of the value of mental health services every day.  What was once thought to be a privilege only for the select few has now been proven to be a basic need.  Mental health billing services can be quite beneficial in this new world, both for the mental health professional and his or her clients.

The main reason a mental health professional needs a billing service is that it improves his practice overall.  Firstly, it helps you see more patients. Secondly, every patient gets more quality service.  It keeps everyone happy, which matters a great deal for mental health providers.

Given providing mental health treatment can already be cognitively taxing, most mental health professionals prefer not to use billing services because of the hassle that comes with finding one.  But using an insurance billing service comes with so many benefits.  Keep on reading to find out more!


What Is An Insurance Billing Service?

Insurance billing entails a significant amount of effort.  You must obtain data and reports directly from the companies.  Then you must deal with denials.  You also need to follow up constantly.  All of this takes time and energy, and things can quickly get confusing and overwhelming for the provider.  Luckily, an insurance billing service will take care of all of these tasks for you.

An ideal billing service offers a complete package for its clients.  It saves the mental health professional from dealing with the companies directly.  The service takes care of all the claims and discussions with the insurance companies.  As a result, they make sure that the practitioner gets his or her money on time.

As a mental health professional deciding on such a service, you will want to make sure it is one that specializes in mental health billing.  This is because a mental health practice is quite different from a general physician’s practice, and the billing service needs to follow guidelines and procedures accordingly.

 The Importance Of A Mental Health Billing Service

As a mental health practitioner, the importance of a mental health billing service is unquestionable.  It not only saves you time, but also makes the whole process of insurance claims a lot easier.  Let’s talk a bit more in detail about how important a mental health billing service can be for your practice.

Increased Access To Mental Health Therapy

Many people require mental health counseling. But most of them back off when they find out that the mental health professional’s office will directly bill them.  As a result, mental health providers and the industry as a whole suffers.

An effective mental health billing service will encourage mental health professionals to accept insurance.  Thus, more people will have access to therapy.

Improve Provider-patient Relationship

For any treatment to be effective, a good provider-patient relationship is a must.  This is even more true in mental health services.

Complications with payment will affect the relationship between the mental health professional and his or her client.  Therefore, a billing service is essential for the treatment process to be more effective.

Overall Improvement Of The National Mental Health Situation

If you consider the two points mentioned above, it is easy to see how much a mental health billing service can help the national mental health situation.  It improves the overall procedure by making things easier for both patients and providers.


Reasons Why Mental health professionals Must Use A Billing Service

A top mental health billing service takes care of every difficult procedure associated with collecting your payment from insurance companies.   It spares the mental health professional of all responsibilities, so that they can devote his or her complete focus to patients.

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Claim What Is Yours From Insurance Companies

Claims submission is the process by which you get your payment from the insurance companies.  Your claims must be absolutely free of errors, every minor detail scrubbed for accuracy.  Your claim will be rejected if this is not the case, and you will experience a delay in receiving your payment.

When you are dealing with a lot of clients, it can be extremely difficult to avoid making a mistake in the claim submission process.  A billing service takes care of this situation, completing the process for you and dealing with the companies on your behalf.

Insurance billing service software generates a claim and bills it to the insurance company as soon as the provider’s session is completed.  The software automatically detects any errors within the claim and shows it on the computer screen.  Thus, the whole process becomes easier and less prone to errors.

Dealing With Denials

An insurance company may refuse to pay a mental health professional for a variety of reasons, and some of them are valid.  For example, not having proper coverage, or perhaps the company didn’t bear liability.  However, rejections might also occur because of simple misunderstandings or technical errors.

An insurance billing service will be of great help to the provider in this situation.  They will resubmit the claim and continue trying until an acceptable solution is reached.

Verify The Coverage Of Your Client’s Insurance

A mental health professional asks the patient about their mental health and his or her respective psychological issues.  It can then be rather embarrassing if the provider continues to inquire about the patient’s insurance coverage and payments.  Furthermore, it will be counterproductive to the mental health care provided in the first place.

This verification of the query, however, is essential.  Many customers are unaware of the extent of their insurance protection.  The mental health professional will not be paid by the insurance company if the patient’s insurance does not cover the mental health services provided.

This insurance verification is carried out on your behalf by a mental health billing service.  As a result, you won’t have to deal with any discomfort with your patient.  Furthermore, this ensures that you do not fall behind on your payments.

Billing From An Outside Insurance Company

A mental health professional who accepts insurance is likely to have relationships with all of the major and most popular insurance companies.  But sometimes a patient may have insurance outside of this familiar network.  This is known as out-of-network insurance.

Out-of-network insurance can make things complicated.  It hampers normal cash flow in your practice.  An insurance billing service can tackle this for you, so that you can care for every patient regardless of insurance company.

Earn More Money

Insurance billing services make it possible for mental health professionals to accept insurance.  When the mental health professional accepts insurance, he or she has the potential to acquire more patients.  Thus, overall income can increase significantly.

Insurance billing services make sure that the mental health professional gets his or her payments on time. This is one of the biggest benefits of using a billing service

Improved Patient Adherence

As the mental health professional doesn’t have to bother with billing and insurance-related matters, he or she can focus more on patients.  This will significantly increase the quality of the mental health services and their respective outcomes.

When patients know that insurance is going to cover their mental health therapy sessions, they are more likely to adhere to their therapy and complete the treatment.  Many patients drop out after one or two sessions due to cash problems.


Mental health billing services make the entire process of mental health services more effective.  It gives peace of mind not only to the mental health professional but also to his or her patients.

Any mental health professional who is serious about his or her practice needs to hire an insurance billing service.  Thanks for making it to the end!

Alex Trent, MA, MS

Alex Trent, MA, MS

Alex is a psychologist and mental health billing expert, and helps mental health professionals collect more revenue as the owner of ePsych Billing.